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Ray's allows users to place orders using many different methods.

General overview: After your photo shoot, you probably received a printed proof sheet or CD from the photographer.  (If not, Ray's can make either of these from your negatives or digital files.)  You’ll then need to select the best shot to use for reproduction. Many of our clients print 4x6 proofs to get a better look at the details of their photos. After you have made your selection, the next step is to order an original 8x10 print. This will be color corrected and custom printed to bring out the best in the photo and allow you to decide if any retouching is required. After choosing fonts, border, layouts and the information you want to appear on the headshot, we will make a test print to preview how your headshot will look when reproduced. Once you approve the test, the prints are made.

If your shoot was done on film, please be sure to bring in or send us your negatives at the time of ordering.

If your shoot was digital, we prefer to work with the original CD with the files from the shoot.  Click here to see how to submit digital files.

If submitting an order online, you will receive an instant  confirmation of the order followed within 24 hours (or next business day) by an e-mail message or phone call from one of our representatives. Please call us at 323-463-0555 if you’d like to discuss your order.

If mailing your order, be sure to protect your photos, negatives and CDs with protective cardboard to prevent any damage during shipping.

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